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Terms & Conditions


Boswell Equestrian Centre Ltd.

Any persons who pass this point acknowledge and accept all terms below

  1. Save for death or personal injury caused by negligence, neither Boswell Equestrian Centre Ltd nor its owners or employees ("the Hirers") accept any liability for any accident, loss, damage, injury or illness to riders, horses, owners, spectators, property, vehicles and their contents and accessories or any other person or property whatsoever, whether caused by their negligence, breach of contract or in any other way whatsoever.
  2. Riding, working with horses and handling horses can be dangerous and horses may be unpredictable. Persons on the premises or using the Facility do so at their own risk and the Hirers will not be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss.
  3. Spectators and persons who enter these premises do so on the understanding that horses are unpredictable and may enter pedestrian areas causing injury. It is the responsibility of individuals to pay attention to their surroundings and their own safety. Any persons accompanying a minor also takes responsibility for their safety.
  4. All riders must wear a riding hat conforming to the current BHS, British Eventing, British Show jumping or Pony Club standard at all times whilst mounted. Suitable footwear must be worn whilst mounted. A body protector conforming to the current BHS or British Eventing standard must be worn at all times when a rider is using the cross-country course or jumping any Cross Country obstacle anywhere on The Premises, including for the avoidance of doubt in any arena. It is highly recommended that any person under the age of 16 does wear a hat conforming to recognised standards when handling horses. It is strongly recommended for adults to wear a hat conforming to recognised standards when handling horses.
  5. All riders must be accompanied by another responsible person (who may be mounted or unmounted) who must have access to a mobile telephone in order to summon assistance in the event of an emergency. Telephone numbers and grid references are printed on the facility sign at the facility entrance and at the tack shop.
  6. All riders under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult and must be supervised at all times.
  7. Riders and their trainers, spectators and helpers must not cause a nuisance or disturbance to any other person using or at the Premises.
  8. The Hirers are not responsible for ground conditions or damage caused to the ground and/or cross-country fences/structures caused by other users and / or animals. The Hirers are not responsible for other persons/animals using the facilities lawfully and/or for any person unlawfully using the facilities or trespassing onto the Facility.
  9. The Facility is a working farm with heavy machinery operating over it. Riders are advised to wear high visibility clothing so as to be identifiable to the operator of the machinery and must take measures to avoid such machinery.
  10. Trainers, coaches, teachers or any person responsible for a rider must hold public liability insurance for no less than €2,000,000 (two million euro) and any person bringing a groom, rider or paid assistance onto the Premises must hold appropriate employers liability insurance.
  11. Dogs are not permitted onto the Premises without the prior permission of the Hirers. Any dogs on the Premises must be kept out of the arenas, fields, horse-walker and forestry trek path. Permitted dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times and are the responsibility of their owner/handler. All dog foul must be cleared up. The Hirers cannot be held responsible for any accident caused by or to any dog whilst on the Premises.
  12. Riders are required to remove all droppings left by their horse(s) and return any show jumps (including fillers and poles) and other items moved from their original position on any Facility to their original position.
  13. Riders using the forestry trek or any other Facility where Cross Country jumps are present must not jump any jump marked with 'crossed flags' as this indicates that the jump should not be used under any circumstances.
  14. Riders and their trainers, spectators and helpers must not take any glass or breakable objects onto any of the Facilities. All and any items taken onto the Facilities must be removed the end of the relevant session.
  15. The Hirers reserve the right to cancel any reservation without notice. The Hirers reserve the right to refuse any admission. The Hirer cannot be held responsible for any consequential loss or liability howsoever caused.
  16. By riding at the Premises the rider accepts that they/their trainer or a responsible adult has surveyed the Facilities (and any obstacles such as show jumps or cross-country jumps) and the ground conditions and understand that they/their trainer are responsible for assessing the suitability of the ground conditions and/or suitability, construction and maintenance of the jumps/obstacles/fences.
  17. The Hirers reserve the right to request that riders/trainers/owners or any other person using the Facilities vacate the Premises in circumstances where, in the opinion of the Hirers and/or its management, a person is creating a dangerous situation, riding in a dangerous manner and/or where a person is mistreating a horse or acting irresponsibly. Where a person is asked to leave they must refrain from jumping any further jumps and immediately return to their mode of transport and remove the horse and themselves from the Premises.
  18. The Hirers require that the owner/keeper/rider of any horse using the Facilities insure that horse in respect of third party liability and also recommend injury, veterinary fees and death cover. It is also recommended that all riders hold personal accident insurance.
  19. Smoking is not permitted within the stable yard or any building. Please take litter home with you and clear all droppings/hay from the lorry park.
  20. Users are required to close the gates of all Facilities whether entering or exiting the Facilities and to obey all other signage.
  21. The Hirer is not responsible for the provision of First Aid personnel or equipment on the Premises or the Facilities at any time and will not be held liable to provide First Aid. The Rider (or any group organiser, trainer or responsible adult) agrees to ensure their own provision for First Aid.
  22. All users of the Facilities or visitors to the Premises must read, understand and abide by the Hirers Health & Safety Statement.
  23. All breakages must be paid for in full by the rider or their responsible adult.
  24. The Hirer(s) reserves the right to take both still photographic and moving video images of the Premises, the Facilities and Rider(s) at any time. By using the Facilities the Rider(s) and any connected persons agree to release all image rights in those still and video images and agree that the Hirer can use such images for any promotion of the Hirer’s operations or any other purpose the Hirer may at their absolute discretion deem appropriate without consultation or payment to any other person.
  25. Rider’s and their connected persons agree and consent that the Hirer(s) may use any still photographic and moving video images of the Facilities and Rider(s) that are posted on any other website, blog, print media or social media site at any time for any purpose. By uploading or posting any still or moving video images of the Premises or the Facilities or the Rider(s), the photographer and their connected persons agree to release all image rights and agree that the Hirer can use such images for any promotion of the Hirer’s operations or any other purpose the Hirer may at their absolute discretion deem appropriate without consultation or payment to any other person.
  • Boswell Equestrian plans to reopen. We hope you have all stayed safe and look forward to seeing you all in the near future. For full information see news feed
  • A note from Boswell Equestrian Centre Ltd about Coronavirus (COVID-19) To all our valued customers, We believe in creating a safe space for everyone, this includes prioritising the health and wellbeing of our customers and employees. I understand this is a worrying time and we at Boswell want to ensure that services and product lines are available to as many of our customers as possible, while delivering them to you safely. We have been and are closely monitoring and following all advice, guidelines, and directives issued by the Public Health Authority, The British Horse Society, World Health Organization, HSI, HSE, Government bodies and the Department of Agriculture. We have introduced a wide variety of measures to minimise the impact to public health. Product Availability and Restrictions • We are working hard with our suppliers to keep essentials stocked such as Horse feed. Please note Feed orders may be delayed longer than two weeks. However, to combat this customers can pre-order a month supply which we can hold on your behalf for the biweekly collections. Going forward feed orders will also need to be prepaid. Collection times and slots will be arranged. Employee & Customer Safety at Boswell Equestrian Centre Ltd. • We are communicating daily to all of our employees on preventative measures to ensure high standards of hygiene and best possible levels of colleague and customer safety. • All payments where possible to be made through card, contactless, or transfers. • We are ensuring all areas have sufficient supplies of cleaning equipment. As well as offering guidance in accordance with PHEC and the Government on leave. Also how best to support our colleagues who are impacted directly or indirectly affected. We will continue to monitor the situation and follow directions given by the government, and will take whatever action is necessary to protect the health of our customers and our staff. Together let's support one another and look out for those most vulnerable. Following recent Government updates, we will be postponing all events until further notice. It is also important to look after you and your horses wellbeing during these next uncertain times. for further advice please follow the link below to the BHS website. Kind regards, Boswell Management
  • Boswell Equestrian Centre will be closed until further.notice. This includes all riding school lessons, arena hire & shows. Feed orders may still be collected by arrangement by calling 087 130 3959. We are still contactable however, via our social media platforms or mobile between the hours of 9am to 5pm
  • The entrance road up to Boswell is covered in sleet and undriveable. We will update the situation when the road is clear.