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About Caffe a Casa


Fresh, Fresh, Fresh!

Fresh coffee awakens the senses and gives you a moment of pure pleasure. Did you know that roasted coffee beans preserve the richest aroma if consumed within a few weeks after roasting? 

Caffè a Casa was founded on the principles of “sourcing the best green coffee” and “roasting to order.” The principal is that what’s ordered today will be roasted within 24 hours and then packaged for delivery to the customer the following day. This unique approach ensures that Caffè a Casa supplies the freshest possible coffee that is easily discernible from currently available alternatives.

Furthermore as we only source Arabica beans, you benefit from a much lower caffeine content (compared to Robusta beans), so you can enjoy more without counting each sip!


Find Your Own Taste!

Nutty or fruity, citric or earthy, spicy or sweet, woody or chocolaty? Coffee taste is a combination of 835 defined aromas. Have you found which taste best fits you?

Caffè a Casa’s aim is to offer tailor made coffee to our customers according to their preferences and enjoyment. We bring the richest aromas to our customers guaranteed through freshness and roasted from the best possible green beans, to create a coffee that reflects their individual taste.

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